Mareschstr_NK_Michi 2-b

Entdeckt von MICHI in der Mareschstraße in Neukölln.


Für Dich zusammengestellt: 
Die Crème de la Crème seriöser Hauptstadt-Notizen.

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  • It may come as no surprise that people from Western, independent cultural backgrounds struggle when placed in situations that require them to suppress their emotions. “Keeping your cool” directly conflicts with the primary cultural value of emotional expressiveness. If one has an interdependent, socially embedded self, however, the standard is to manage and, if necessary, suppress emotions, especially if expressing them can interfere with social harmony and cohesion. Individuals socialized in this latter cultural tradition may control not only external displays of emotion, but internal indicators, as well.

    Shinobu Kitayama

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