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  • >Oh my god I am fainting, I am fainting. This is why *oh my gosh* Berlin is so great. This raw and pure street art, it's like Banksy circa 2004. Like my friend he has this rad new gallery at Revalerstraße and he would so totally put that in there. This exclamation of Energy, only in Berlin. Oh my god oh my god oh my god!

  • >Let's think about what could have happened here before we think about colours of persons:

    One of the (probably older) people in this building got sick of the graffiti on the wall and put white paint over it in protest.

    One of the original artist was upset by this and wrote: blank walls = blank people.
    In this sense 'blank' has nothing to do with colour. It is about people being empty, uninteresting, boring, etc., etc..

    So, I actually think it is quite cool!

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